Fraser Health's Eleventh Annual Ethics Conference

Stronger together

Exploring the bonds connecting people and teams


Post Conference Report

This report was prepared based on information contributed by conference participants and members of the Fraser Health Ethics and Diversity Services (FHEDS), the 2017 Annual Fraser Health Ethics Conference Steering Committee, conference volunteers and friends of FHEDS.

Download the Fraser Health Ethics Conference Report – 2017 here.


Top Values Identified by Teams – Morning Session

Conference participants were asked to share three words they consider essential ingredients for a successful team with their tables. They were then invited to share more broadly. 695 index cards were shared and the list below reflects the tally of those values:

  1. Trust – 88 cards
  2. Respect – 65
  3. Support – 58
  4. Collaboration – 39
  5. Fun – 36
  6. Honesty – 29
  7. Engaged – 29
  8. Communication – 25
  9. Commitment – 23
  10. Cohesiveness – 22
  11. Shared accountability – 18

Visual Summary of Major Conference Themes

Visual recorder Colleen Stevenson created three wall-sized posters to help us remember some of the key points, themes, and stories heard and discussed during the day.

Click on the links below to view each of the posters summarizing key themes:

Fraser1    Fraser2   Fraser3


Videos & Resources from Conference Presentations

Explore the links below to view videos and other resources from the conference.


Patient’s Story – Morning Plenary Session

Michel White (patient representative from the Patient Voices Network) and Jacqueline Per (Executive Director for Patient Experience) had an engaging conversation around experiences of going through the health care system as a patient.

To view the video of the Patient’s Story click on this link.


Self, other and Other – Morning Plenary Session

Hilary Pearson, David Kuhl and Linda MacNutt led 39 teams through 8 group exercises dubbed as Relationship-Centred Care. A key take away from this is the CENTRE guidelines for group meetings.

To view videos and other materials from Hilary, David and Linda’s presentations and facilitated group exercises click on this link.


Conversation with Lynn Stevenson

Lynn Stevenson, Associate Deputy Minister of Health for British Columbia, engaged Kathryn Gretsinger (moderator) in a conversation about interprofessional collaboration and relationship-centred care.

To view the conversation with Lynn’s click on this link.


Bashir Jiwani on Framing the Decision-Making Exercise

Content from her Concurrent Session

Bashir Jiwani, Ethicist and Director for Fraser Health Ethics and Diversity Services, prepared conference participants for the afternoon breakout sessions when teams will gather to discuss a case they selected using the Fraser Health Ethics Services ethical decision-making process.

To view Bashir’s presentation click on this link.


Ethical Decision-Making Exercise – Breakout Session

Content from his working session "Framing the Decision-Making Exercise"

The conference included a working session where participants worked through ethical decision-making tools.

The collection of case studies are available here if you are interested in reviewing them or sharing them with your team:



Decision-Making Toolkits

A collection of decision-making resources for your use

Find here the ethical decision-making frameworks to think through an individual clinical issue or a system-level/policy issue


2016 Conference Content

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