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Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Post Conference Report

This report was prepared based on information contributed by conference participants and members of the Fraser Health Ethics and Diversity Services (FHEDS), the 2016 Annual Fraser Health Ethics Conference Steering Committee, conference volunteers and friends of FHEDS.

Download the Fraser Health Ethics Conference Report – 2016 here.


Conversation Café Compilation – Morning Session

Conference attendees spent part of the morning in semi-structured discussions. These discussions asked participants to think back on their experiences and to put themselves in others’ shoes; imagine what the experience of being a person/client/resident, a family member, a care provider, or system-level administrator may be like.

They were asked to reflect and engage in discussion at their tables about what was important for them from these different perspectives. The summaries below are rough compilations of the values identified in those conversations. You may want to review them to help in thinking through decision-making in the context of providing person-centred care.


Videos and Other Resources from Conference Presentations


Christy Simpson

Content from her Morning Plenary and Concurrent Session

Christy Simpson is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Bioethics, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University. She started our morning off with a plenary around Patient-Centred Care: What Else Would It Be? Her concurrent session was on the topic Feeling with and Feeling for: Reflecting on Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion.

Watch all of Christy’s Sessions.


David Kuhl

Content from his Morning Plenary and Concurrent Session

David Kuhl is a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. His morning plenary and concurrent session were around Relationship-Centred Care.

You can view videos and other materials from David Kuhl’s presentations here


DeAnn Adams

Content from her Concurrent Session

DeAnn Adams is Director, Patient and Family Centred Care at Fraser Health Authority. Her concurrent session was around Demystifying Patient and Family Centred Care;follow this link  to review a PDF of her presentation PowerPoint.


Sana Fakih with David Le

Content from their Concurrent Session

Sana Fakih is Leader of Diversity Services at Fraser Health Authority. Her concurrent session was a Walking Gallery around Diversity Competence and Patient-Centred Care. The walking gallery presented the FHDS 11 Diversity Competence Standards for Individual Care Providers, the colorful Learning Guide: What Does it Mean to be Diversity Competent (2016, 32 pages), and a powerpoint presentation on Art, Self-reflection and tool for Change.


Kwame McKenzie

Content from his Afternoon Plenary

Kwame McKenize is Medical Director of Underserved Populations at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and a full Professor and the Co-Director of the Division of Equity Gender and Population in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. He finished the day’s plenaries with a chat around Patient-centred care beyond direct care.

Find his videos and more information here.


Bashir Jiwani

Content from his working session “Framing the Decision-Making Exercise”

Bashir Jiwani, Ethicist and Director for Fraser Health Ethics and Diversity Services, prepared conference participants for the working session on using the ethical decision-making tools. You can view the video click at this link.

The collection of case studies are available below if you are interested in reviewing them or sharing them with your team:



Decision-Making Toolkits

A collection of decision-making resources for your use

Find here the ethical decision-making frameworks to think through an individual clinical issue or a system-level/policy issue